Sunday, January 15, 2012

Three Things I Learned in Class

There are three things I have learned during the class. First, the parallel construction, which is making the noun to the noun and the verb to the verb. For example,
I am riding the bicycle, while I am talking to my friend.
If it is incorrect it will be like this,
Paul went to work, a restaurant, and to the movies.
Yea, as you can see,the sentence have missed the word "to" in the second item. So, the correct form will be like this:
Paul went to work, to a restaurant, and to the movies.
However in the sentence, you need to be either it is all noun, all infinitives, all gerunds, or all clauses. This is how the parallel construction works.
Second, the Oxord comma, it is the optional comma that used before the word "and" I have learned that in British people didn't put comma before the word "and" but in America people will use it. For example, We sell books, videos, and magazines. It is up to you to put the comma there or not. But if you are in Mr. Webb's class better put the Oxford comma.
Third, I have learned the tenses are very important when you are writing. We always forgot the right tense. If your essay is starting out to be present then you need to continue to make it present. The whole point is to be consistent when you are writing. People often make this mistakes, and it could be really confusing some time when it gets to perfect tenses.

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