Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Open your eyes embrace the sky

Thousand of threats thrusting for me

I descend from holy heaven

My beauty has stunned the whole world

People anxiously aim for my name,

*Aphrodite Ahu it's my full name




Wonder who's the Aphrodite Venus

The Greek goddess deceive you all

Plastic surgery shape up her look

*Baby bowman follow along

Blasphemy spread throughout the world

Whosoever believe in her

Fool fits your name perfectly well




Surely, seeker I am the one

you have been waiting all along

Natural beauty base on my look

My flawless brings up the fierce war

With only a simple smile,

All faintly fall in love with me



Women whining in front of me

Plead painfully to return their men

Breaking men's heart it's my instinct

The *image of God beg for my love,




My beauty has cause the world war

Sacrifice myself on *holy woods

The whole world has gain back their peace

I'm the savior among you all

P.S. it's not boasting it's typical fact about Sally Wu




1. Aphrodite Ahu=Sally Wu


Ahu means beautiful in Turkish


2. Baby bowman: Cupid


3. Image of God: human being


4. Holy woods: the cross




  1. Hahhahhahahhahahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahha
    I know I shouldn't say this but your stupidity is always entertaining!
    I like the poem but there are some contradictories !
    Like the plastic surgery part then u say natural beauty! That's kind of contradicting..and blasphemy isn't a good word so ur basically ruining ur reputation!
    Hahahhahaahahah fact? Yeah! It's fact.

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  3. Hey Sally,
    I love how you have gone crazy on alliteration, and the words that you used for alliteration sounds natural to me, I mean they don't just sound like you are trying to cram the word in to make alliteration work. However, I don't think blasphemy and plastic surgery are "good" things to brag about, after all you are saying you are a goddess right? I love how you make yourself a Greek goddess of Beaty, that is a total boasting, haha. By the way, the picture with your face on, why is your face blue? :)

  4. Great Poem your gorgeous highness (puke)
    anyways make sure that you remeber the 8 beats per line rule, some of your lines dont follow it, and im pretty impressed by the mass amount of alliteration you used, however, some of them dont make sense. I can understand that your trying to defeat some kind of "plastic surgery goddess" and that was pretty entertaining. Overall nice work :))

  5. This is such a great poem of "Proud". It makes me feel you are really great! The kennings are so deep! I got them until i look at your defination.
    I think the last two sentences could be more related or rythm, but all around, this can be an epic.

  6. Sally I didn't know you're a narcissistic poet+pianist :p

  7. I like this poem as it shows that you have a lot of confidence in yourself. It's interesting how you point out that every men looks upon you and adores your beauty. Even more is how they don't want their own women anymore after seeing you! Very interesting conception, however you might want to pay more attention to having eight beats per line. Also some parts of your poem are a bit complex to understand. Overall it is a very interesting poem good job.

  8. Sigh, Sally...Lying isn't good but this assignment apparently needs it, at least for you, so it's okay. Having that many alliterations must be hard and you did a pretty good job on it, but some don't make any sense at all, so you can still improve. I like the way you sound like people from a long time before because you're calling yourself a goddess, for some reason that I cannot tell. Overall, you did okay. It was a pretty nice boast, even though it's fake. Don't worry, though, Mr. Webb said that the boast could be fake so good for you!

  9. Hi! Sally, the number of your kenning is crazily a lot. I love all of them. I can see clearly how great you are (by readying your poem, hahahahahahaaaa). But, your poem would be better if you follow the 8 beats-per-line rule. Again, I still like your poem.

  10. You rocked the heck out of the alliteration! Excellent job! 30/30