Sunday, August 19, 2012


Kenning is a type of metaphore that use in poetry, and literary. In kenning an object is describe in two words. For example, ocean= whale road, scholar home= school and so on....


Talkative Owl: The Owl represent teacher, because I think Owl is a symbol of knowledge in animal kingdom, and talkative is the main characteristic for every teacher. 
Knowledge Giver: We come to school to learn new things from the teacher, therefore, teacher is also known as the knowledge Giver. 
Beautiful disaster: It's a beautiful to learn new things but sometime it's also a disaster for the student to accomplish their homework.
Favor of Nerd: Many teacher like the student who behave and study well in the class, especially the one who can answer all of the questions the teacher have asked.  

A Bus driver

Human transporter: The bus driver pick up people from places to places and deliver them to the right location. That's why I have named the bus-driver HUMAN TRANSPORTER.


God's character: We all know that God created us with love and everything that He have done for us it's base on love.
Cupid's target: In Roman mythology, Cupid is the "god of desire, affection and erotic love" Whoever, got shoot by his arrow will fall in love immediately.

A Computer

Eyes fascination: Once you look at the screen it's hard for your eyes to turn to other place. 
My life: Many people nowadays, base their life on the internet and they are obsessive with it. It's hard for them to live without technology. 

Life destroyer:  Bomb is a life destroyer, because once it explode you will die immediately without a chance for you to live.

Now your turn to guess~

1. Human waste collector.
2. Butt lounge
3. Big air-conditioner

1. A: Toilet All the waste from your body goes right into the toilet.
2. A: chair A lounge it's a place for you to rest and relax, and chair it's where you can sit down and let your whole body to relax. 
3. A: South and North pole: South and North pole it's the coldest place in the world; therefore, it's working like an air-conditioner that trying to balance the world's temperature. 

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