Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Anglo Saxon Period

My Script: During 499 A.D. the Anglo Saxon conquered what’s now modern day Britain. The Anglo Saxon originated from Denmark and Germany. Each of the many Anglo Saxon tribes was rule by their own king. They believe in fate. Before the Anglo Saxon, we didn't know who were the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles. But we know that Spain and Portugal, who brought late Stone Age weapons to Britain’s shores. After that the Celts were the early conquerors. The next conquerors of Britain were the Romans. In 55 B.C., General Julius Caesar invaded, but he failed and returned to France. Hundred years later, Claudius successfully conquered the island. It lasted for 300 years, and ended when the invasion of Italy. The Anglo Saxon came and drove out the Britons. Between the ninth and twelfth centuries, Norway, and Denmark invaded the British Isles, and cause to have war. However, Alfred has ended the conflict between the Anglo Saxon and the Viking; and brought the Anglo Saxon period to an end.

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