Sunday, September 2, 2012

Feudal System


Feudalism was a social system that was established by William the Conqueror during the Middle Ages. It was based on the level of command each man had. Generally, there were five levels in Feudalism. The highest was the King, following down by the lord, baron, knight, and peasant. The King gave lands to the lords; in return for the land, they need to provide food, money, and soldiers to support the king. Of course, the lords weren't the one that done these things. The lords would divided their lands to the lower classes, and they would worked for him. The knights were hired to fight for the kings, and under that were the peasants; they were the workers that farmed the land to provide food for everyone. However, in Feudalism they worked together to make the king rich.

Mnemonic for the feudal system

  • King
  • Lords
  • Barron/Vassals
  • Knights
  • Serfs/ Peasants



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