Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Worse Jobs in the Middle Ages

Today’s we live in a comfortable world surrounded with high technologies, and people barely have to do any sweaty works. Most people are working in the skyscraper and sitting in front of theircomputer moving their fingers to get salaries. The businessmen and women arewell-dressed with self-confidence ready to work in an air-conditioner room.This is how people roll in this century. Now, can you imagine the life in the MiddleAges, where there were no air-conditioners, no computers, and no self-esteem.Sounds kind of scary right? Let’s travel back together with Tony Robinson andhe’ll show us all the jobs that the people did in the past.


The first dirty job is being a squire. The squire was a servant to a knight during the Middle Ages. The knights oftenfought eight hours straight with no toilet break. The squires need to clean 24 piecesof armors that weight 27 kilograms. It was super disgusting, and they need tomake ammonia (pee) to clean those up. However, the knights were not any better duringthe Middle Ages. When the knights were going on a war, they need to walk 260miles and 17 days, carrying irons and metals with no food and water. Followingup by the archery, there job was to kill all the half dead body after war. Itdoesn’t matter if it was your friend or not.


The second job was leech collectors.Leeches were important medical materials in the past. They suck your blood andalso suck the bad out. It was really uncomfortable with one leach clinging toyour leg. How about the collectors, they were cling by many leeches. Nevertheless,when you suck by the leeches your blood won’t coagulate, and it would getinfected easily. The doctor’s job wasn’t any easier. They need to performsurgery (barber surgeon) and they need to feed the patient with “magic tube”.The magic tube was 6 inches long and you would pull medicine in; not from yourmouth but the opposite side. The next job was the wart cure, usually handle bythe women. They would cut the eel, and put the flesh on your wart. Then, theywould bury the eel on the ground and when it decomposes then your wart will be cure.


The third job was breaking gigantic stone.During back then, there were no trucks or auto drilling machine to break thestone. They used metal and hammer to separate it. They use rocks to build cathedral,and it was all done by hand made. They would use lime to hold the brickstogether and use gas to burn the chalk into lime. But the gas was really poisonous;it would kill a person immediately. In addition, the treadmill worker was adanger job too; they helped lifting the heavy stuffs and usually they wouldhired blind people to do this job. Why? Because the treadmills were reallyhigh, and blind people can’t see the height. Finally, the last dirty job wasmaking ammonia with pee, and they would use the pee to tie up the wool.

Ok... I kind of want to vomit right nowafter seeing these jobs. Actually all of them were really nasty, but I thinkthe worse is the barber surgeon. I hate to see flesh blood, and every time whenI see myself bleeding I would want to cry, even if it is a super small wound.Therefore, I don’t think I can be able to cut someone. I rather go and collectpee from people than to cut someone’s body parts off.

If I really have to pick a job, I wouldlike to be a squire. Although, it was really nasty, and stinks, but I think I’llget use of it. First reason I pick this job was because it was safe compare withthe others and second you didn’t need to deal with blood or any cutting action.Now, do you feel like complaining about your boss or your jobs? Of course not, becauseour society right now are so much better than the past. If you feeluncomfortable about your jobs, think about the people in the past. You willfeel like you are nothing, compare it with them. So stop complaining andcherish what you have right now.


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