Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh Dear Food

u     / u       /     u     / u       /      u       /
Oh pizza, hot-dog, away from my sight (A)
u         /      u   /  u       /    u /        u     /
You food are making life extremely tough (B)
u         /  u    /        u   /   u  /    u     /
When I swallow you up at lately night (A)
u        /    u /          u   /  u  /  u   /
My fats increase and I am in a huff (B)

u         /      u   /       u         / u     /    u         /
The smell of soup tempts me to eat some more (C)
u      /     u     /    u  /     u        /  u      /
Oh no, my hand is reaching out for you (D)
  u  / u      / u        /      u     / u     /
Calories deform my shape into boar (C)
u         /     u   / u      / u       /     u       /
The boys run away yelling the word "ew" (D)

u        / u      /     u        /      u      /       u  /
Yet, beside all that, you're my source of life (E)
u      / u    /     u  /       u      /  u         /
The civil war began when hunger's here (F)
u  /     u     /    u    /  u       /      u      /
I win the war by cutting food with knife (E)
u       /         u      /  u /       u      /    u    /
Oh food you're the hero that stop the tear (F)

u     /      u  /     u      /       u    /      u     /
My beautiful dear food, you may not know, (G)
u      /  u     /     u      /     u   /  u        /
But in my life, you play the leading role. (G)



  1. I love the second stanza, especially the lines "The smell of soup tempts me to eat some more, Oh no, my hand is reaching out for you ". I love the thought that you are giving a shout out to food, yet your conscience does not allow you, and this is perfect for the love/hate relationship. However, there are some unnatrual iambic pentameter, like away, swallow, etc. But, overall, I can feel how much you love food and hate food, while adding a bit of funny relationship element with food in your sonnet! You make me want to eat right now! :P

  2. Sally~we all know you eat a lot, be sure to control the calories and fat when you choose what you're eating XD. Some of your words in this sonnet are put in the wrong places, when we pronounce it, the stress will make the word sound awkward. For example, the words away, swallow, calories and hero. Overall good essay, it's really funny how you linked the civil war in here haha Nice Job!

  3. HAHA!! I LOVE IT!!!! the food temptation~ lol
    i love the second part!! i can see you are fighting with your temptation! Especially the "Oh no, my hand is reaching out for you" part, it make me laugh! Also it is very creative using civil war to express your hunger. I love it~~ :D