Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unchangeable Love

   u       /     u   /      u /  u  /   u   /     u
How much I want you to be in my life.
u   /      u     /    u   /    u      /   u     /
I can't help myself to think about you.
 u     /  u     /   u       /    u       /       u    /
My father, mother are both short and cute.
   u       /     u       /       u    /       u    /      u        /
That's why you pass, and stab my heart with knife.
    u       /       u      /     u   /   u     /       u
There's no chance for me to be your wife.
u      /   u     / u       /        u    /      u   /
Still, I will never change my love for you.
   u    /     u    /      u    / u   /     u    /
Not six, not five, but only ask for two.
   u     /  u       /      u    /   u      /   u  /
Few inches from you, instead of a strife.
  u      /    u  /    u   /       u     /   u
Our love is like a turtle and giraffe.
  u      /         u    /       u       /     u     /      u       / 
The 'short' one can't grow, the 'tall' one can't shrink.
u   /  u    /       u      /     u  /     u         / 
I tiptoe with heel, but nothing has changed.
 u    /      u    /   u      /   u  /      u    /
To hide my feelings, I pretend to laugh.
   u      /u /        u   /      u   /  u     /
Your existence is like permanent ink.
 u     /     u   / u     /      u    /    u  /   
No way to erase, no way to exchange.

Interpretation for the poem
The author has a strong desire to grow taller
She knows that the chance for her to grow is nearly impossible,
because both of her parents are short.
In the poem she compare herself with giraffe
The turtle represent the author and the giraffe represent the height that she wanted to have
Why turtle? and why giraffe? because the turtle will never be able to eat the leaf on the tree
and the giraffe will never be able to eat the grass on the ground. It just like the author will never be
able to reach the height that she has been longing for.

1 comment:

  1. What a sad love sonnet!!!
    I love it and it shows how you wanna get taller haha
    And there are many rhymes so that it reads smoothly
    Maybe you can describe more about why it is so lovely to you
    Otherwise, it's a great love sonnet